2020 - 2021 Rensselaer Student Dining Plan Agreement Form

Rensselaer Auxiliary Services

Dining Plan Agreement 2020 - 2021

Please use this form to select your dining plan for the 2020 - 2021 academic year.
Meal plan descriptions and costs appear below.  Full dining plan terms and conditions
are provided at the bottom of this agreement form.

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Dining Plan Descriptions

The following dining plans will be available for the 2020 - 2021 academic year.  The plans offer benefits such as included guest meals and the ability to add Flex Dollars throughout the year.  Meal plan participants also receive a discounted rate from the regular door rate when using Flex Dollars.

Required for Residential First-Year Students, Second-Year Students, and Residential Staff / Optional for Upperclassmen (Non-Residential Staff) and Non-Residential Students

19 On Demand -- 19 anytime meals per week to be used in Resident Dining Halls, plus $300 Flex Dollars per year.  Non-transferable. $6,900/year

For Upperclassmen (Non-Residential Staff) and Non-Residential Students

CYO "Create Your Own" Plan -- 200 meals per semester. For the fall 2020 semester, all meals will be automatically converted to Flex Dollars at a conversion rate of $8.80 per meal.  There will be no residential dining hall meals associated with this plan for the fall semester; however, Flex Dollars can be used to purchase residential dining meals at reduced rates. Unused Flex Dollars will carry over from fall into the spring semester. Non-transferable.  Available only to juniors, seniors, and graduate students living off campus. $5,380/year 

Flex Dollars -- Flex Dollars, which add flexibility to your dining plan options and are incorporated into each plan, are yours to spend like cash at Rensselaer Dining locations in the Rensselaer Union, retail cafes around campus, Moe's, and campus vending machines.  Flex Dollars are allotted by semester and carry over from fall into the spring semester, but end on the last day of the academic calendar and are thereafter forfeited.  Flex Dollars are also forfeited upon cancellation of the meal plan.

Rensselaer Advantage Dollars (RAD) -- Rensselaer Advantage Dollars is a campus declining balance account that you may purchase at any time. It carries over from year to year and ends only at the time you leave Rensselaer. It allows you the ability for use not only in Hospitality Services locations but also in areas such as the Rensselaer Union, retail cafes around campus, Moe's, concessions, resident dining halls and the campus Pepsi vending machines. For more information, visit the Campus Card Office website.

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By entering my name below, I acknowledge that I understand the terms and conditions regarding Rensselaer's dining plan agreement.

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Terms and conditions of this agreement

All Rensselaer policies and procedures, existing and as changed from time to time, contained in the current Rensselaer Catalog, and other Rensselaer and Student Life publications, including the 2020-2021 price list, are part of this agreement and must be read by all students.

Dining plan terms and conditions

Meals are not served when Rensselaer is not in session, including Thanksgiving, winter, and spring recesses.  Certain dining facilities may be closed during specified periods of the academic year.

Flex Dollars are allotted by semester and carry over from Arch to fall to spring, but end on the last day of the academic calendar and are forfeited thereafter.

  • Dining plans are not transferable.
  • Dining plans are for the entire academic semester.
  • Students may not take food out of a contract dining hall, except under conditions specified by the dining hall management.
  • Students may sign up for a dining plan prior to the ninth week of the current semester.  Additions will be pro-rated on a weekly basis.
  • Daily operating hours vary by dining hall location.
  • Weekly meals replenish on Sunday mornings.
  • Unused weekly meals are forfeited.

Dining plan cancellations

Cancellations to the dining plan agreement are very limited and are subject to all of the following:

  • There is no penalty for written cancellations delivered to Auxiliary Services within ten business days of the effective semester dining plan start date. After that date, students cannot cancel their dining agreements for the remainder of the semester.
  • Please note that freshmen and sophomores CANNOT cancel their dining plans.

Dining plan changes

There are no allowable dining plan changes for the fall 2020 semester.

Refund schedule

The following table shows the refunds of dining plan charges for students who withdraw from
Rensselaer or take a leave of absence prior to the completion of an academic term.

Number of weeks
in residence

% charged
per semester

% refunded
per semester
Less than one week 0% 100%
Less than two weeks 10% 90%
Less than three weeks 20% 80%
Less than four weeks 30% 70%
Less than six weeks 40% 60%
Less than seven weeks 50% 50%
Less than nine weeks 60% 40%
More than nine weeks 100% 0%
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